What makes your stories different – does anything like this book currently exist?

Told from the point of view of a 10-13 year old child who may well have been in these situations described in the Torah, these stories bring to life the less well-known biblical stories in a bid to pitch fresh, religious learning to this particular age group.

Why did you decide to write these stories?

These stories have been written with the aim of engaging, entertaining and enlightening children aged 10-13. However we also feel they will do the same to adults who happen to read them - either alone or with their children. The ‘life questions’ following each story will engage/challenge the reader further - requiring empathy, thought and some personal soul-searching. Key philosophical themes such as morality, self-importance, belief, disagreement, and ethical knowledge are drawn out of these stories.

This is a not-for-profit project. Surplus funds will be used to develop related educational projects for our readership.

How much of this is made up and how much can be backed up by rabbinic text?

Every story is based on either the actual words in the Torah and/or a relevant midrush. The only fabrications are the names of the children who might have been observing the situation and what they might have said.

Is this a religious book?

No it’s not a religious book but a storybook based on the best stories that have rarely been told to children.

Who is this book going to be read by?

Any pre/early teen child reading while in synagogue, at home, at school.

My child is only 8 year old – do you think they will understand these stories?

Yes – read with an adult, these stories would make sense and feel exciting and relevant.

Who will buy the book?

The books will be primarily bought by adults - parents, grandparents, schools, synagogues, Jewish institutions - either in bulk or as single copies.

Where can I buy a copy of the book?

You can choose from our range of options and buy on this website.

Are these stories serious or funny?

Some of the stories are amusing to read but most are written to carry important life messages.

Will my child be able to read these stories on their own?

Yes – if you child is around 10-13 years old.

I’d like to donate 50 of these books to my synagogue. Is there an easy way to do this?

Yes – order as many books as you would like – donating to your synagogue is really important as it will allow so many children to read these books and engage with the weekly Torah reading while in synagogue.

I’m a primary RS teacher and would like to use this book as lesson structure. Can I order a pack of 20 for the school to use?

Yes – we have special school packages. Please do get in touch with us here.

How long will my book/s take to arrive?

As of November 2020 the books are in shipment to us. We'll be looking to dispatch them ASAP. UK pre-funders should have their copied by mid-November. International pre-funders will follow shortly. And we'll look to turn around new purchases within 2 working days.

Will these stories be read by children of other faiths?

We would love to feel that these stories might interest those in mainstream schools who might be of different faiths and that the book might appeal to anyone who would like to engage with an ‘alternative bible/torah story’ and feel the relevance of today’s world through these stories.